21 Bars 21 Superpowers of the Internet

0 21Bars21Superpowers of the Interent

I’m spitting fire, coming at you now

A 21-bar freestyle, it’s time to arrive

The internet’s got superpowers, it’s plain to see

Connecting us all, it’s the world’s library

Global communication, bridging the gap

No matter the distance, we can chat and rap

1 21Bars21Superpowers of the Internet

Access to information, a vast array

Everything from history to science, it’s not a stray

E-commerce, buying and selling

Online marketplaces, it’s a new feeling

Social networking, connecting with friends

Old and new, it never ends

2 21Bars21Superpowers of the Internet

Crowdsourcing, coming together

Collaborating on projects, whatever the weather

Online education, learning new things

From the comfort of home, it’s got wings

Telecommuting, work from anywhere

No need to commute, it’s quite a dare

Gaming, a virtual world to explore

3 21Bars21Superpowers of the Internet

A new reality, you can’t ignore

Online entertainment, movies and shows

Never a dull moment, it’s always apropos

Health and wellness, taking care of you

Online resources to see you through

Political organizing, making your voice heard

4 21Bars21Superpowers of the Internet

Online platforms to get the word

Virtual reality, a new dimension

Immersive experiences, it’s an ascension

Job searching, finding the perfect fit

Online platforms make it a quick hit

Online dating, finding love online

5 21Bars21Superpowers of the Internet

It’s not just for the young, it’s not confined

File sharing, collaborating on projects

Easily done, it’s not a circus act

Online banking, managing your funds

Secure and easy, it’s not a chum

Online therapy, getting the support you need

6 21Bars21Superpowers of the Internet

From the comfort of home, it’s guaranteed

Online language learning, expanding your mind

Learning a new language, it’s not a grind

Cloud computing, storing data remotely

Accessible from anywhere, it’s not a difficulty

Internet of Things, connected devices galore!

7 21Bars21Superpowers of the Internet

Controlling and monitoring, it’s never a bore

Handshake domains, connecting all

A decentralized platform, standing tall!..

Author: Inner I Net Company/

At Inner I Net Company, we cultivate our Divine Gifts to elevate the economics. Our Handshake Top Level Domains are nourished and manifested from the ROOT OF PERCEPTION, then reborn to spiritualize potentials for an abundance of fruits.

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