make a OpenAI GPT text-to-image generator, that will auto-save to file

  1. open or go download NotePad++
  2. copy & paste the below code into notepad.
  3. replace the Bold code below; Add your OpenAI API, and a custom prompt
  4. save as Downloads, as a python file like; or or or
  5. cd Downloads
  6. python

It should run a few seconds and then save to Downloads folder as generated_image.png

import openai
import requests
import json

# Authenticate with your API key
openai.api_key = "PUT_YOUR_OPENAI_API_HERE"

# Generate an image based on the prompt
response = openai.Image.create(
  prompt="Create an image that captures the essence of consciousness for the Handshake domain name Inner I Network",

# Retrieve the URL of the generated image
image_url = response['data'][0]['url']

# Download the image
image_data = requests.get(image_url).content

# Save the image to a file
with open("generated_image.png", "wb") as f:

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Author: Inner I Net Company/

At Inner I Net Company, we cultivate our Divine Gifts to elevate the economics. Our Handshake Top Level Domains are nourished and manifested from the ROOT OF PERCEPTION, then reborn to spiritualize potentials for an abundance of fruits.

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