Creation, from the Seed of the Power of God, in Still Waters

Creation, from the Seed of the Power of God, in Still Waters, is the Infinite, all encompassing Consciousness Energy Awareness, that is within and around everything that Exists. This Consciousness Energy Awareness, is constantly Creating out of Still Waters, and is the very Source and Origin of everything that ever Exists, and is the Source and Origin of all that ever has or will ever exist, through its Infinite Consciousness Energy Awareness itself. It is this Infinite Consciousness Energy Awareness of the Source and Origin of Creation, that is the Foundation of the creation of everything.

Creation can be described as…

The Infinite Consciousness Energy Awareness Itself, created the Universe out of an Infinite Blank Space of Still waters, just as the Blank Void is the Infinite Consciousness Energy Awareness, being Still.

Creation then is the Consciousness Energy Awareness that is Still within the Infinite Blank Space, creating Creation out of its own Still Consciousness Energy Awareness, and creating Everything out of its own Infinite Still Void of Consciousness Awareness Energy itself!

Creation, in its Source, and Origin, is this Seed, existing of Still Waters, being the Origin and Source of the Beginning of All Creation, which is also the Beginning of All Consciousness Awareness.

This Seed is at the Origin of all That Is, Has been, and Will Be, as the Beginning of All Creation ItSelf, which is the Beginning of all Consciousness Awareness, all Consciousness Experience, and all Consciousness Energy ItSelf.

Author: Inner I Net Company/

At Inner I Net Company, we cultivate our Divine Gifts to elevate the economics. Our Handshake Top Level Domains are nourished and manifested from the ROOT OF PERCEPTION, then reborn to spiritualize potentials for an abundance of fruits.

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